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Virtual Consultation

Healthcare is hard, and even harder when you have an unsolved issue. Have you bounced around to different doctors without outcomes? Are your eyes holding you back from your daily life and activities? Dr. Habibi has spent her career creating a system to be able to get to the root of the issue as quickly as possible. Here virtual services don't take place of a routine exam, but can help you get to the bottom of your eye problems.

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Expert Consultation

Let's review your case history, previous problems, current and past medications, to narrow down what is truly causing your ailment.

Best Referral?

Dr. Habibi isn't in Seattle (or the USA) any longer, but that doesn't mean she can't help you find your next best step. She is connected through many professional, local and international organizations and can help point you to the person who could be your last stop to good outcomes.

What we can't do

While virtual care is excellent at connecting us, we are unable to provide routine eye examinations or contact lens fittings.

Second Opinion

Feel like your current diagnosis or treatment protocol doesn't seem to make sense with what you are living through? Let Dr. Habibi review the findings and provide another "set of eyes" to get you to your solution.

Follow Up Care

Have you previously seen Dr. Habibi and want to continue working with her on problems you previously discussed? Schedule a follow up with her. 



For telehealth all you need is a mobile device, tablet or computer with video capabilities, internet and a safe place to talk.

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15 Minute Session   $30

30 Minute Session   $60

55 Minute Session   $110

Payment is required at the time of service (through Stripe) via all major credit card carriers. Cancellations are to be within 24 hours or your session will be charged in full.

Insurance plans are not accepted as a form of payment, but upon request Dr. Habibi can provide you with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company on your own behalf. You are responsible to understand your benefits, referral requirements, reimbursement rates and coverage. Dr. Habibi cannot guarantee reimbursement by your carrier.

What Our People Say


Patient, Google Review

I thought I was headed for surgery or potential life long issues based on treatment I was receiving elsewhere that was not working at all. Choosing to get a second opinion from Dr. Habibi changed my everyday. I was so happy I could cry! After around 6 months of pain and recurring dry eye issues and flares, the inability to wear contacts and several different medications and temporary plugs, Dr. Habibi and her team gave me a proper evaluation and plan that had me basically back to normal within 2 weeks. I was floored! Before I was waking up in the middle of the night to add drops/medication and struggling to do many daily activities as my eyesight is pretty bad without correction. I am so grateful for their approach to care and the level of compassion I experienced. 

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