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What do the extra letters stand for?

OD = Optometric Doctor

After undergraduate training at Clemson University, Dr. Habibi spent 4 years completing her Doctorate of Optometry (OD) at UC Berkeley. She elected to complete an additional year of specialty fellowship training in medically necessary contact lenses at Casey Eye Institute.

FAAO = Fellow of American Academy of Optometry

The American Academy of Optometry provides exceptional education and disseminates knowledge to advance optometric practice and improve patient care. Fellowship is granted to doctors who are evaluated against the highest standards of professional competence to signify to colleagues and patients that rigorous qualifications have been met.

FSLS = Fellow of Scleral Lens Education Society

The Scleral Lens Education Society (SLS)  teaches contact lens practitioners the art of prescribing scleral contact lenes. Fellowship is granted to doctors who have proven themselves in the field of scleral contact lens fitting and completed a competency evaluation.

Dr. Roya Habibi earned her doctorate from UC Berkeley and is a highly trained eye doctor known for delivering the highest standard of clinical care with her genuine, professional and caring approach.

In her early career, Dr Habibi founded and served as the Director of the Center for Eye Comfort at the respected Eye Associates Northwest in Seattle, WA. Within her specialty clinic, Dr Habibi focused on treating and truly understanding dry eye disease and its effects on her patients. She incorporated advanced diagnostic testing and empirically proven treatment options to empower her patients by helping them understand and improve their eye conditions. Aligning with her patients, Dr Habibi aimed to make her patients feel heard as they worked together to find the best treatment options for their concerns.


Dr Habibi strives to stay at the forefront of research regarding medically necessary contact lenses and is an Education Consultant with Valley Contax. While she provides education and advice to fellow doctors eager to learn more about scleral contact lenses, she also serves on the Scleral Lens Education Society Fellowship Committee. This committee is responsible for ensuring new doctors demonstrate expertise in the field and science of scleral lenses.


Dr Habibi brings an unique skill set and perspective regarding eye pain management. Her approach includes utilizing state-of-the-art technology in attempting to truly understand the cause of your discomfort.


Dr Habibi’s academic work includes speaking engagements across the country (and Canada) to educate her peers on various topics including Modern Treatments in Ocular Surface Disease, Treatment Options for the Irregular Cornea: Scleral Lenses to Corneal Cross-Linking, and Scleral Lens Fitting Workshop: Overcoming Obstacles for Prescribing Scleral Contact Lenses.

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