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Your last stop in finding eye relief

Our goal at Center for Eye Comfort is to understand why you are experiencing discomfort in your eyes and to determine the cause of your disease. At your dry eye consultation and assessment we begin with our state-of-the-art technology to help assess your individual concerns, diagnose the cause of your symptoms, and subsequently treat dry eye disease.

The Center For Eye Comfort is dedicated to the treatment of dry eye and ocular surface disease including chronic red and irritated eyes. Eye irritation can affect your quality of life, and our goal is to evaluate your eyes and to truly understand the underlying cause of your distress. We have collected clinical experience from top ocular surface centers and acquired state-of-the-art technology to help diagnose and treat dry eye disease.

Innovative imaging techniques

Advanced diagnostic testing

Research driven treatment plan

The Center For Eye Comfort is managed by Dr. Roya Habibi, a fellowship trained optometrist whose ambition is to better understand and treat dry eye disease, including its associations with chronic health conditions and eye disorders. 

Discomfort of the eyes affects about 30% of the general population and recent advances in research are providing new and better treatment options. Many patients go from doctor to doctor attempting to find solace from their discomfort, and we hope to be your last stop in this search.

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