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Dr Roya Habibi is a trending public speaker and published optometrist. Having the innate ability to communicate complex health data into digestible information, she has had the opportunity to make ocular innovations more clinically applicable to her colleagues worldwide. 

"Our longstanding mentality in eye care has been to treat disease, but I want us to start getting ahead of issues so we can avoid disease, improve eye comfort and generally improve patient wellbeing."
Roya Habibi, OD, FAAO, FSLS


American Academy of Optometry Lecture

"Rapid Fire Optometric Year in Review"

"Next Generation Scleral Lens Fitting"

New Orleans, October 2023

Coopervision LATAM KOL Meeting Lecture

“Diarios son perfectos/Dailies are the best”

San Jose, Costa Rica, July 2023

Scleral Lens Soiree Keynote

“Masterclass in Scleral Lens Logistics”

Scleral Lens Society, Virtual, May 2023

Global Specialty Lens Symposium Lecture

“That's Note Safe: Safety Update in Caring for Contact Lenses”

Las Vegas, NV, January 2023

CLASS Symposium Lecture

"Scleral Lens Education Society Workshop CoHost"

"This Does Not Work: Practical Scleral Lens Troubleshooting"

"Scleral Lens: To do or not to do"

"Masterclass in Scleral Lens Logistics"

Cartagena, Colombia, November 2022

American Academy of Optometry Lecture

"Rapid Fire Optometric Year in Review"

San Diego, CA, October 2022

Optometry's Meeting Student Keynote

"New Optometrist's Survival Handbook"

Denver, CO, June 2021

Greater Western Council of Optometry Keynote

"New Optometrist's Guide to Survival"

Portland, OR, Virtual, Jan 2021

American Academy of Optometry Lecture

"Rapid Fire Optometric Year in Review"

Best of Academy, Virtual, Jan 2021

Nashville, TN/Virtual Mtg, Nov 2020

Orlando, FL, April 2019

Alberta Society Custom Lens Symposium

"Advanced Scleral lens and Orthokeratology Doctor Training Session"

Calgary, Alberta, April 2019

University of Houston Continued Education

“Modern Treatments in Ocular Surface Disease”

Fort Worth, TX, October 2017


Victoria Conference with Pacific University

“Advancements in Dry Eye Therapies: Improved Diagnostic Measures”

“Advancements in Dry Eye Therapies: Novel Treatment Options”

“Ocular Surface Grand Rounds”

Victoria, BC, July 2017


Seaside OOPA Conference Workshop

“Scleral Lens Fitting Workshop: Overcoming Obstacles for Prescribing Scleral Contact Lenses”

Seaside, OR, June 2017

UC Berkeley School of Optometry Workshop

Scleral Lens Fitting Workshop

Berkeley, CA, April 2017


Tulalip Continuing Education

“Advancement in Dry Eye Therapies”

“Treatment Options for the Irregular Cornea: Scleral Lenses to Corneal Cross-Linking”

Tulalip, WA, September 2016


NW Permanente Scleral Lens Fitting Course

“Scleral Lens Fitting Course: How To’s Made Simple”

Portland, OR, June 2016

UC Berkeley School of Optometry Workshop

“Advanced scleral lens workshop: Scleral lens fitting course”

Berkeley, CA, April 2016

OOAA Technician’s Meeting

“Like a bad habit: Contact lens misperceptions and misconduct”

Portland, OR, May 2015

UC Berkeley School of Optometry Workshop

“Scleral Lens 101: Scleral Lens Fitting Course with AOSA”

Berkeley, CA, April 2015

Global Specialty Lens Symposium

“Prescribing trends of scleral contact lenses at a tertiary care center”

Las Vegas, NV, January 2015


Ski and CE Keynote Speaker, Alberta Optometric Association

"Rapid Fire Optometric Year In Review" "Masterclass in Scleral Lens Logistics" "Ocular Surface Grand Rounds"

Ski and CE, Banff, Alberta, March 2024


Presbyopia Physician: Journal Article
“Try before you buy.”

Habibi, R. Presbyopia Physician. Article. March 2022.

Cornea: Peer Reviewed Journal Article
“Treatment of Dry Eye from LASIK with Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Factor.”

Habibi, R, Lee, M. Cornea. Case Report. Volume 40, Number 8, August 2021.

Scleral Lens Patient Education Tool
“Scleral Lens Guide”

Valley Contax, January 202.

Scleral Lens Educator Video Series
“Avoiding Scleral Lens Fitting Mistakes”

Valley Contax Education Consultant

August 2018

Scleral Lens Fitting Course: Video Production

“Custom Stable Training Course” (+ español)

Valley Contax Education Consultant

March 2018

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