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What's the cost of beauty?

Inspect the ingredient list of your favorite products to understand their true benefit - or - potential to harm you!

“Unfortunately, there are many brands out there more oncerned with profits than your health, and they work hard to masquerade their products as the health concious choice... but you can outsmart them with very little effort” - Dr. Roya

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Want to see top ingredients to avoid?

Sulfate, fragrance, alcohols, glycols, parabens, preservatives (PEG, BAK, phenoxyethanol)

Are you interested in eye-friendly make up products?

DO: Use eye friendly brands include Lily Lolo, Blinc, Maia and Tarte. Find more of our favorite health concious brands here:

DON’T: Try to avoid waterproof mascaras and makeups - these are hard to remove! Keep makeup (creams, eyeliner, etc) away from the eyelid margin.

Want non-toxic, non-irritating make up remover?

DO: Try natural products like pure argan oil or the We Love Eyes product line.

DON’T: Avoid liquid makeup removers which can be very harsh and strip the eyes of natural oils.

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